UMD Duplicate Bridge Club

Welcome — we teach bridge to any student who wants to learn.
We meet Mondays 6:30-8:00pm in AVW4172

What we do

Practice in friendly matches with each other while learning how to play better. Bridge is a strategic card game played between two teams of two. You and your partner work together to beat the other team.


Pizza and drinks provided


Bridge is fun and challenging

Be Smarter

Bridge improves academic abilities

Make Friends

Come hang out with us!

Spring 2019, MATH299O: Probability and Bridge

Through STICs (Student Instructed Courses), and the Math department, we were able to create a course that would treat bridge as an application of probability. CLICK HERE for information on lectures, syllabus, and course content.

Hakan Berk - President

"You got a question? I got an answer!"

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